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Monday, 8 May 2017

Zoella Beauty: Sweet Inspirations

If you're reading this, chances are you already know who Zoella is. If you don't, she's a beauty YouTuber and blogger who now has her own beauty and lifestyle product range. I've been watching Zoë's videos and reading her blog for about 4 years now and I love her taste in makeup/beauty and her attitude towards life.

I'm going to be honest with you; when I first saw the release of her Classic Collection I thought it was more suitable for her younger audience as I think it is based around fruity and young scents and therefore I wasn't sure whether to buy it myself or not. Then the update to the Classic Collection came along which I started to warm to a bit more, and now we have the Sweet Inspirations Collection which I think is the most Zoë out of all the collections, which made me want to buy it because I consider Zoë and myself quite similar in terms of makeup, skincare and general beauty product choice. I love Zoë and I'm so proud of her for releasing this amazing range of products.

I only bought 2 out of the 8 products from this collection as I wanted to try them out first before going all out but I love them so much I will definitely be going back to get the rest... And to re-purchase these ones once they run out. Hehe.

Firstly, let's talk about the packaging. Words that have been circulating in blogger reviews and Zoë's videos herself are 'French pâtisserie', '1920s' and 'sweetshop decor' and these are words I would definitely use to describe the beautiful packaging. The 'Bath Latte' is designed like a milk bottle, with a metallic gold lid and divine pastel blue and metallic gold wrapping and the product inside even looks like milk. It all fits together so perfectly and I can already tell this collection was so well thought out. 'Le Fizz' is a fizz-bar that is clearly inspired by a chocolate bar. The packaging is also metallic gold with some pastel pink and the actual bar comes in little cubes like a bar of chocolate.

I would describe the main scent of these products as sweet, milky and even slightly musky. The fizz-bar is described as 'macaron scented' and it is definitely sweeter than the Bath Latte which is 'enriched with nourishing sweet almond, cacao and honey'. You can wear this scent all year-round because even though it fits perfectly into Summer thanks to its sweetness and its similarity to a moisturiser you would use on holiday, it's also slightly musky - perfect for Winter. You definitely have to go to your nearest Superdrug to have a sniff of this because my adjectives don't do the scent justice. 

To see if the actual use of these products was as beautiful as their appearance, I ran a bath and tried them out. When the bath had finished running, I turned off the tap and put 3 fizz cubes in (the recommendation is 4 but it comes in rows of 3 and I didn't want to be left with an odd amount at the end). They fizzed a lot for their size, and left the water smelling splendid. These would be perfect for a calming pamper night when you don't want any huge bubbles, just a nice-smelling, relaxing bath. However, I did want some bubbles and was desperate to try out the Bath Latte so I went ahead and turned the tap back on and poured some under the running water and the result was divine: big, fluffly, nourishing bubbles that left my skin feeling super soft. When I got out of the bath, dried myself off and got my smoooooth body into some PJs, the scent lingered for a while which is great as it shows you're definitely getting your money's worth.

These products are so up my street and I honestly can't recommend them enough. They're perfect for a pamper night or a gift for your best friend, and they're not pricey at all (Bath Latte, £6; Le Fizz, £5.50). I can tell Zoë had a lot of input into their creation as they're so her - elegant, girly, sweet and beautiful and I'm so excited to return to Superdrug soon to spend my pennies on more Zoella Beauty products and also see what else they release in the future!

What's your favourite Zoella Beauty product? 


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