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Monday, 1 May 2017

6 Small Things To Start Doing To Improve Your Life

Recently I've been feeling very unmotivated about everything. I've felt a lack of inspiration for blog posts, and some parts of my everyday life including my outfits, bedroom setup and interaction with people. However, I've been trying hard to combat this and I'd like to share with you some things that I feel have been working well to aid me on my way back up. It's a new month which means a new beginning, so here are 6 tips that will hopefully make you feel happier within yourself and your life. 

1. Light candles. This is such a simple ritual but it's just nice. I light candles in my bedroom in the evening as I find it relaxing to come up to bed to a nice-smelling, flickering room. Who agrees with me? They're also essential for bath-time and pamper nights. I always buy sweet-scented candles such as 'sweet vanilla', 'salted caramel', or clean scents like 'fresh cotton'. I don't buy my candles from any particular place, just shops I happen to find them in.

2. Switch up your makeup routine. This can include something as simple as wearing a different eyeshadow colour to the day before, or wearing lipgloss instead of your usual matt lipstick. It will take you a little bit out of your comfort zone and make you feel more confident. It's so much fun to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube and then trying them out. This tip will also make your morning routines so much more exciting.

3. Read a chapter a day. I haven't read a full book since middle school but a few weeks ago I purchased 4 books from Zoella's WHSmith Book Club in attempt to start reading more. Whether it's a motivational book or a fictional novel, reading is reading and it will benefit your brain in more ways than one (it expands your vocabulary and has been proven to make you smarter). If you don't currently read at all, the rule of reading a chapter a day is definitely an achievable place to start and it'll give you some quiet time to yourself, preferably before bed, to relax.

4. Take care of your skin. I'm 100% guilty of not sticking to my skincare routine. No, I probably don't wash my makeup off properly every day and I definitely do not apply my face cream every night. However, I know that when I'm consistent with my skincare routine it makes me feel a whole lot better about myself because *believe it or not* your skin will improve if you stick to these rituals. Make your own skincare routine that is adapted to your lifestyle so you can easily be consistent with it.

5. Get things done. Procrastination is the route of all evil.  I find I'm most productive when I make to-do lists every couple of days to ensure I stay on track of tasks I need to keep up with such as cluttering my bedroom, going to the bank, getting my car cleaned, changing my bed sheets and writing blog posts.

6. Interact. Talk to your family. Instead of scrolling through your phone, sit down in your living room and spend time together; call your grandparents whom you haven't spoken to in a week and ask them about their day; get dressed up and go to dinner with your partner and talk non-stop; make that extra effort with a customer at work by asking them what they're up to that day; meet up with those friends whom you can never manage to make solid plans with. Most of my inspiration comes from talking with other people and this definitely makes me a happier and more outgoing person.

There are so many more things tips I can share with you, but essentially just live your life and do what makes you happy (generic, I know, but so true). We all have those little habits that cheer us up on a bad day or routines that if we break out of, we just don't feel ourselves. I'd love to know what yours are!


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