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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot

I am super excited to write this post not only because I love this product so much but also because I just purchased a new camera so my pictures look 1000000x cooler, in my opinion.

I haven't explored MAC in depth - I've only ever bought 3 products from them, but each of these I deeply love so I feel intrigued about the rest of their makeup range.

I purchased this eye primer about 2 years ago and used it on-and-off, but for the past year or so I've applied it almost every day as an eyeshadow primer. This is the only eye primer I've ever used but I'm so scared to try a new one just because it is SO GOOD and so I'll be a tough critic towards future eye primers that come my way.

I apply it with my finger (I've tried using a brush and it just makes the bristles stick together and doesn't blend well) all over my lid and set it with a nude/pastel yellow shadow, then apply my chosen shadow look for the day on top. The shade that I bought is Painterly which is such a pleasant shade for an eyeshadow base as I've tried it with so many different shadow colours (brown, orange, pink, nude) and it just goes so well with all of them. I sometimes even wear it on its own for a subtle colour to my eye if I want to go for a 'natural, no makeup, makeup' look. 

I'm all for anything that increases the staying-power of my makeup and this producct definitely does this. It keeps my eye makeup in place for at least 8 hours, and even after 10 hours it's still clinging on. I did trial this against using no primer at all (just a nude base shadow) and using concealer as primer, and neither of these methods worked as well. I also noticed that shadows applied on top of the Paint Pot were more pigmented than applied over just a nude powdered shadow, or concealer.

Not even the price of this MAC product makes me go bleurgh, as for £16 from MAC's official website, it will last you a hefty amount of time.

Can you recommend any amazing eyeshadow primers that might measure up to this one?

P.S. If any of you reading this has a Canon DSLR and is willing to give advice and tips on the buttons/settings, I would greatly appreciate it if you contacted me (info on 'Contact' page). Thanks!



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