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Monday, 12 June 2017

My Favourite Summer Scents Under £30

Summer is absolutely my favourite time of year; closely followed by Spring. Everything changes for the Summer-time - the clothes we wear, the activities we take part in, our mood, and for many of us, our beauty products. In this post I'm going to be talking about this, specifically: scents - my favourite Summer scents... That are also not too expensive.
I have chosen a mixture of sweet, fruity, musky and floral fragrances from 4 different brands. I don't think I have a favourite as they are all so different in many ways, from the type of smell to their intensity to lasting power.

This is a fragrance mist so it's light, unlike an EDT. Its main scent is coconut but I can definitely smell notes of vanilla which is my favourite to wear therefore I would say I do wear this mist the most out of all the fragrances featured in this post. I love wearing this mist on holiday as it goes with the whole sun-cream, coconut body lotion smell and it's light (as previously mentioned) and summery.

I do wear this EDC a lot, but I've currently got the bottle practically up my nose wondering why I don't wear it every. Single. Day. It's nothing like any scent I've ever come across... obviously it's from the Most Unique Scents Award Winner --> The Body Shop. This fragrance is so potent but I really struggle to describe what it actually smells like. It's not very feminine but it's sophisticated, clean, floral, lemony... It's just great. Although the most costly of the 5 products mentioned, it's the most long-lasting therefore definitely worth it.

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Eau De Toilette 100ml (£15)
I won't go into detail about this one because I wrote about it in my first ever blog post 'The Body Shop Products You Need To Try'. Again, it's a very unique, natural and refreshing fragrance.

Next Paradise Island Body Mist
I'm going to apologise right now because after planning this blog post and taking all the photographs, I've realised that this body mist has been discontinued *cries*. I still love it though so I'm going to talk about it anyway. It's a very exotic scent; on the back of the bottle it says it has notes of mango, pineapple, sandalwood, musk, coconut water and guava. I love the nozzle on this bottle because it gives out a big refreshing spray so I love spraying it on my chest and shoulders on a really hot day. Useful huh.

The style of this bottle is very aesthetically pleasing; it's simplistic and modern and looks fabulous on my dressing table and the liquid inside is a beautiful pink colour. Somebody told me that this scent is a dupe for Prada Candy - it smells sweet and, as you can probably tell from the name of the product, fruity. It also has notes of rose and a little muskiness. It's a beautifully feminine scent and lasts a long time and I would definitely recommend it.

I would love to hear what your go-to Summer scents are! Chat with me in the comments.


Friday, 9 June 2017

Tanya Burr Cosmetics: 'Birthday Suit' Eye Palette

Tanya Burr is another one of my favourite bloggers. I watch her YouTube videos and read her blog posts and they are the ultimate inspo for my life. Recently she uploaded a vlog which included a snippet of her doing her makeup, partly using one of her eye palettes. This reminded me of the fact that I haven't yet checked out any products from her beauty line Tanya Burr Cosmetics. A few days later I went into my local Superdrug and had a nose through the TBC products they still had in stock, and this eyeshadow palette was the one that caught my eye as it's so up my street - the beautiful peachy-pink packaging and enchanting selection of matte and shimmer colours just screamed my name and I knew I had to try it out.

 With nothing less expected from a beauty range by Tanya, the packaging is absolutely delightful. The silver border fits well with the peach cover and the heart-shaped mirror inside is a decent side and adds to the overall feminine look of the palette. I like the way the colours have been named after ingredients/food items, perhaps due to their similarity to baked goods and chocolate. The soft-pink ribbon on the side is also useful for opening the palette (very well thought out). This packaging almost reminds me of a little palette I would've used as a young girl.

This palette definitely fits well into the Soft Luxe Collection as its shades are natural (hence the name 'Birthday Suit') but also so pigmented that they might as well be from MAC, and the appearance of the palette is that of class and high price. I would describe these shades as useful for Spring/Summer because of the peach and champagne hues but Soft Truffle can take it into Winter and Autumn.  These 4 shades go so well together, and I can tell they were carefully selected because if you have this palette, you don't need assistance from any other colours to complete a full eyeshadow look. There's even a very helpful mini-tutorial by Tanya on the bottom of the case, which guides you on where/how to apply the shades if you're not sure where to start. Like I said before, these colours are so pigmented (especially the mattes), buildable (apply a little to your brush then keep adding more colours for a more dramatic look) and very easy to blend. I can't believe this palette is only £5.99!

As you can see in these pictures, I opted for a natural look but you can build up Soft Truffle and Cocoa Sugar if you want to use the palette for a more dramatic look.

How to get this eyeshadow look:
1) Sweep Toast across your lid (this is your base shade).
2) Darken the look by blending Soft Truffle into your crease.
3) Bring Soft Truffle down to your lower lashline.
4) Add shimmer by blending Marzipan from where Toast ends, up to your browbone.

I finished this look off with Soap & Glory Supercat Liquid Eyeliner (and obvs mascara) but you can finish it off however you like: Soft Truffle on your upper lashline, brown pencil liner, or just apply mascara after Step 4 for a super natural eye.

Have you tried any of Tanya's beauty range? What are your faves? I think I'm going to try the nail polishes next.


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