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Sunday, 27 August 2017

New In From Zoella Beauty: Jelly and Gelato

Here we are again folks, talking about the Queen of the Internet's beauty brand; but this time it's her brand new range 'Jelly and Gelato'. After being openly impressed with Zoë's 'Sweet Inspirations' products and watching her introduce these beautifully unique products on MoreZoella, I knew I had to try the Jelly and Gelato range. Also, when you look up to somebody so much and appreciate everything that they do obviously you're going to want to try the things that they create.

Once again Zoë has absolutely smashed it with the idea of this range from the packaging and colours to the names and scent. I firstly want to talk about the packaging because I just love it. Young, playful, pastel colours with a pop of metallic gold - 100% aesthetically-pleasing. I particularly adore the Shower Shake with the little straw poking out of the top of the bottle, and the fact that the Body Pudding packaging looks like an ice cream tub. As with other Zoella Beauty ranges, there is a kind of 'no pun intended' vibe shining through with the names of these products... I mean ' Shower Shake', 'Shower Sauce' and 'Gelat'Eau'. LOVE IT. Like Meg Says said in her 'Unboxing' YouTube video, it's like making an ice cream sundae on your body. 

The scent of the range is infused with extracts of elderflower and pomegranate and I would definitely say these are noticeable scents in the products, even though I couldn't quite put my finger on what the range smelt like when I first bought the products... But then I read this description and I was like 'ahhh yes'. I think of fruity sweets when I smell these products but I feel like floral notes are also present. I'm not normally a sweet-scent type of person but I absolutely LOVE this one.

This bottle is super pretty and Summery thanks to the pastel peach and blue shades and it looks amazing on my fragrance table next to the Sweet Inspirations body mist. As with all the other Zoella Beauty body mists, it is in a glass bottle but this one is opaque. The bottle is perfect handbag size and - don't judge me when you read this - I love the nozzle on the bottle as it gives a really powerful spray of the liquid and it covers a large surface area when it lands on the area you've sprayed it on (lol). I have been using this body mist every day since I bought it and I only have to re-spray a couple of times throughout the day. So worth the money.

This ice-cream-resembling product is a body cream containing little pink beads (that remind me of ice-cream sprinkles) that melt into your skin when applied and it's just delightful. The cream is so light, fresh, fluffy and fast-absorbent and VERY moisturising at the same time; and it leaves you with super-duuuuper soft skin; literally like a baby's bottom. If you're anything like myself and hate that sticky feeling that most body creams leave you with, this one is perfect for you because, as I mentioned before, it sinks straight into the skin. The scent lingers for a while and the tub is bound to last you a while because you really don't need to apply a lot to your body for it to work. I honestly can't recommend this product enough.

I opened the lid of this body scrub and was instantly surprised because it looks like a giant orange lip balm, or a mango sorbet as Zoë said in her video when introducing the range. I used this cream scrub in the shower and if I'm honest I was a teeny bit disappointed because it just didn't do much. It is a formula that I don't think I've ever come across before and it left me feeling quite frustrated because I was sort of just trying to scrub it into my skin to make it do something (such as exfoliate) - it's quite powerless. It's very difficult to describe but I guess you'll have to try it out yourself (I still love you Zoë!!!). However I carried on using it as a normal body wash which worked a treat and left my skin smelling wondrous.

I love the name of this body wash because it actually does look like strawberry or raspberry ice cream sauce. I used it in the shower and it works like a regular shower gel; lathers up beautifully and smells delightful. I would recommend to use this with a bath lily to foam the product up, apply it to your legs and then shave.

And last but by no means least, this shower product is nothing like anything I've ever used before. When squirted out of the bottle, this moisturising body wash looks like a normal moisturising body lotion, so I just knew it was going to work. It is a cute peachy-yellow colour and marvellous for smothering all over your body to ensure your skin feels nourished once out of the shower (it actually did moisturise my skin very well!). It is best smoothed on your body with your hands, as I tried to apply it with my bath lily in attempt to foam the product up to shave my legs, but it just got lost in the centre of the bath lily. Try it out, you'll know what I mean. This scent lasted a long time on my body post-shower and it combines well with the Body Pudding.

Once again, I am blown away by Zoë and her team's ideas and creations, and I will continue to support the brand because it's unique and just absolutely wonderful.

What is your favourite product from the Jelly & Gelato range? And who is as excited as I am for the Zoella Beauty Christmas range?


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